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Care21 offers flexible equipment leasing options for companies needing to fill short-term demands or meet immediate needs for networking technology with limited capital. Buying new technology can take a huge bite out of your working capital and loans tie up existing credit lines, which could be left free for operational needs or business expansion. Leasing gives you the latest technology at a price you can afford.

Why Lease Computer Networking Equipment?

You can lease almost anything we sell and with our flexible and tailored plans it's easy to start using our service. Lease single items or entire systems, including accessories, software and even support.

Leasing is a great alternative to expensive purchased equipment, whilst still ensuring your business benefits from the latest technology. Leasing is a smart alternative for companies that need computer networking equipment for periods ranging from three months to five years but want to conserve capital and minimise purchase risk. Leasing networking equipment also reduces the risk of investing in cutting-edge technology that may be obsolete in only a few years.

For more information about Care21's networking equipment rental and leasing programmes, including product availability and pricing, contact a Care21 specialist contact@care21.com

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