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Our Values

Think Green – Environmentally Responsible Networking

Employee engagement is key to Care21's success and the education and support of our people is an essential element of our environmentally friendly processes. We encourage interest in environmental matters and educate our employees on how Care21's products and services can help clients realise their sustainability aspirations. Read more on how Care21 can help you reach your ‘Green Potential’ - click here.

Equal Opportunities

At Care21, we believe in fair treatment and equal opportunities for all of our employees. As a company we encourage diversity, striving to attract and retain great people and provide an environment where they can all develop professionally and build rewarding careers.

Cultivating a diverse workforce and inclusive work environment makes business sense. It is our employees' varied skills that make our business tick – they are the talent that powers Care21, enabling it in turn to deliver outstanding service that helps our clients outperform competitors.

Internal Policies

Care21 operates according to a strict code of ethics. Employees are encouraged to engage with clients and partners in a way which upholds this code of ethics. We incorporate an exceptional standard of professional conduct as a core element of our business focus and strategy and expect impeccable conduct from all our employees, who should promote our principles of equality, transparency and accountability.

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